We own extensive premises with state-of-the-art technology for cutting and flattening quality flat steel products:

  • Services Hub 15 Km. from the Port of Bilbao and next to the N-634 road.
  • ndustrial surface area: 25.500 m2.
  • Indoor facilities for transformation and storage: 13.000 m2.
  • Outdoor auxiliary warehouse.
  • Cranes of up to 40 T.
  • Company’s own fleet of trucks for deliveries.
  • Laboratory.
  • Cutting and pickling lines:
  • Black Line for Thick Plate (2021)
    Our latest cutting line can process up to 2050 x 25 mm. It features a double leveller and 3 planing lines, and can provide the market with plates as thick as 25mm with optimal characteristics for laser cutting.

    Black Line for Medium Thickness (2019)
    This cutting line can process up to 2050 x 12 mm. It features a double leveller and 2 planing lines, guaranteeing the best surface cleanliness and flatness characteristics.

    Ecological Pickling Line (2016)
    Our new Stress Relief and Pickling Line for steel plate enables us to obtain a pickled product with optimal rugosity and flatness characteristics before and after Laser cutting for plates up to 20 mm thick, 2000 mm wide and 8 m long.


Our approach to the world of laser cutting involves various exclusive processes to consistently guarantee the utmost quality:

  • An in-depth selection of suppliers based on quality parameters (dust, marks, performance on machine)
  • Custody of coils under cover.
  • In-house sample measurements of our material.
  • Chemical and mechanical pilot tests in our own laboratory.
  • Our quality standard provides more restrictive guarantees than the Standard with regards to:
    • Flatness of the plate prior to cutting.
    • Tile effect.
    • Surface Appearance.