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Specialists in Materials for Laser Cutting

Since 1975, Aceros Ormazabal has evolved to adapt to the increasingly demanding requirements of the steel sector. We are now a specialist supplier of thick and high quality flat products, primarily geared towards the Laser Cutting sector also focusing on the increasingly automated auxiliary processes used by our customers, such as bending, automatic feeding and welding.

Our determination to improve and always strive to improve our products is clearly demonstrated by the complete renovation of our production resources: We added the Black line for Medium thickness Line in 2019, which has the capacity to process up to 2050 x 12 mm, and in 2021 we finally commissioned our most advanced Cutting Line, which has the capacity to process up to 2050 x 25 mm of S355 grade steel.

These two state-of-the-art Cutting Lines, together with our Environmentally Friendly Pickling Line have meant that we are able to supply materials with restricted tolerances (flatness, tile effect) and with a surface aspect that facilitates comprehensive Laser Cutting processes (cutting, feeding, bending, welding, etc.), optimising these resources, minimising stoppages, downtime, saving on laser lenses, etc.

Our extensive knowledge amassed in this sector over the years, together with a customer-minded approach and communication, allows us to guarantee tailor-made assessment, offering the best product as well as a comprehensive buying experience to satisfy the specific requirements of our customers.

As a result of this constant evolution, Aceros Ormazabal has succeeded in positioning itself as the benchmark specialist Service Centre in Southern Europe.