Here at Aceros Ormazabal, we are firmly committed to sustainability and the environment.

We use sustainable processes which minimise the environmental impact of our activities. A clear example of this is our ecological micro-impact pickling line which makes no use of any type of harmful chemical products.

Our activities generate a minimal amount of waste, and these are controlled by authorised waste handlers, seeking, insofar as is possible, to encourage their reuse to promote the Circular Economy.

We are also involved in collaboration projects with our suppliers and customers with a view towards becoming a benchmark in “green steel” marketing, a product that will be produced using processes/energy that will significantly reduce CO2 emissions, thereby contributing towards meeting the commitments made in the Paris Agreement.

Finally, we provide ongoing training to our staff to provide them with knowledge that will allow us to adapt and foresee increasing requirements in terms of sustainability in the market as a whole and specifically in the steel sector.

We would also like to point out that our organisation applies Circular Economy principles to every process, maximising available resources to ensure that they can remain in the production cycle for as long as possible.