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7/09/2016 Published by the SPRI Group. Basque Corporate Development Agency.


Aceros Ormazabal continues to reinvent itself by project partnering with Fagor Arrasate.


In July, 2016, the company Aceros Ormazabal improved their production process at the Amorebieta-Etxano plant. The improvement consisted of the installation of a new ecological descaling line with subsequent flattening of steel plates up to 20 mm thick, 2 metres wide and 12 metres long. The investment was made by Fagor Arrasate in the framework of the Gaitek R&D project promoted by the Basque Government.


This project promotes research on ecological descaling systems for large plates which can provide an alternative to the traditional chemical system, which is more pollutant, and also relating to flattening processes.


At the 13,000 m2 Aceros Ormazabal plant, the new mechanical descaling process consumes neither water nor acids, doing away with the highly polluting traditional processes. The company has also integrated a subsequent flattering process on said line.


15/7/2016 Published by Empresa XXI.

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