From general to specialisation

Since its incorporation, Aceros Ormazabal has evolved to adapt to the increasing requirements of the quality steel sector. Fruit of this evolution, the company has positioned itself as a benchmark quality steel sector Centre and specialist Services Centre in the South of Europe, essentially designed for Laser Cutting and competing with top tier service centres and factories. Their position as a benchmark company is the result of a series of processes and decisions implemented over the last few years:


2006: Aceros Ormazabal began a process of reflection to reinvent itself as an organisation, converting itself from a local service centre, focusing on steel consumption sectors to a unique and specialist supplier for the flat steel sector.


2010: Aceros Ormazabal has positioned itself as a Service Centre dedicated to Laser Cutting. To this regard, it focuses its efforts on developing and implementing constant improvements to its facilities and production line, including the installation of a 2020 x 20 Cutting Line with the capacity to cut and flatten materials with high yield limits, up to 20 mm thick and 2000 mm wide.


2012: Aceros Ormazabal began collaborating with Fagor Arrasate S. Coop. to come up with a Mechanical Descaling and Strain Relieving and Final Flattening solution targeted towards the Laser Market and its growing demands for surface cleanliness and flatness.


2015: Aceros Ormazabal completed the installation of the new steel plate Stress Relief and Descaling Line, whereby allowing them to obtain a descaled product with optimal rugosity and flatness characteristics before and after Laser cutting for plates with up to a thickness of 20 mm, 2000 mm in width and 12 m in length.


Aceros Ormazabal is a proactive company, both in terms of individual client and market approach, with designs to provide both with not only the best project at the most attractive price, but also to provide a comprehensive buying experience which includes personalised assessment which aims to ensure maximum customer satisfaction, providing the optimum technological solution for the problem in question.

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